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Who we are?

Our mission is to develop and manufacture high quality metal-chemical products that represent the best alternative for the industrial market, with competitive prices and excellent service; basing the development of the company on providing well-being to its employees, caring for the environment, complying with legal regulations, generating value for its shareholders and being a strategic business ally for customers and suppliers.


We develop and manufacture high quality metal-chemical products that represent the best alternative for the industrial market.

Estearatos metálicos Producciones Químicas

Metallic Stearates:

Metallic Salts of Stearic Acid like calcium, zinc and magnesium. Solid shape with different particle sizes according to the application. We manufacture technical stearates and pharmaceutical and cosmetic grades for these markets.


CALCIUM: Waterproofing (Construction), Internal lubricant (PVC), Scavenger in resin manufacture (PP)
ZINC: Lubricant for wood sealants, pigment dispersant (Masterbatch), release agent, PVC Co-stabilizer
MAGNESIUM: Release agent and lubricant for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Octoatos y Naftenatos metálicos Producciones Químicas

Metallic Octoates and Naphhenates:

Metal carboxylates, more commonly called paint driers. They are metallic salts dissolved in a solvent that allows them to be incorporated into solvent-based paint formulations among other applications.

We manufacture metallic octoates of metals such as Cobalt, Calcium, Zirconium, Zinc, Manganese. We also manufacture carboxylates of metals no so common such as potassium, lithium and strontium among others; in different concentrations, reaching the high concentrations with our over base technology.


  • Driers for solvent-based paints.
  • Driers for water-based paints.
  • Foaming agents for PVC (Kickers)
  • Catalysts of different chemical reactions.
Soluciones de secado Producciones Químicas

Drier Solutions:

Multi-metallic solutions of metallic carboxylates, that allow the optimization of drying times for solvent-based or water-based alkyd resins. In addition to optimizing drying times, they also optimize inventory management and help preventing dosage errors.



PVC Stabilisers:

We manufacture solid and liquid Ca / Zn and Tin stabilizers for PVC, with technologies that do not use heavy metals such as lead, barium and cadmium.


PVC extrusion, injection and lamination, of rigid, flexible and emulsion resins.

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